Current Notifications

PDL Update: Blood Bank Specimen Collection Requirements: Posted 6/30/2022

PDL Update: Royal Blue Tube Shortage Impact to Trace Element and Heavy Metal Testing: Posted 6/30/2022

PDL Announcement: Fourth of July Holiday Schedule: Posted 6/24/2022

PDL Update: Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) IgM Discontinuation: Posted 6/8/2022

PDL Update: Syphilis Traditional Test Cascade Update: Posted 5/31/2022

PDL Update: Temporary Send-Out of: B12, Folate, Ferritin: Posted 5/20/2022

PDL Medicare Annual Notice to Physicians 2022: Posted 5/19/2022

PDL Annual Notice: Reflex Testing Procedure: Posted 5/19/2022

PDL Update: Test Delay: Progesterone Update: Posted 5/17/2022

PDL Announcement: Memorial Day Schedule: Posted 5/17/2022

PDL Update: Post Vasectomy Semen Analysis, Test Analysis and Reporting Change: Posted 5/16/2022

PDL Update: Test Delay: Progesterone: Posted 5/10/2022

PDL Update: Reopening Solvang Viborg PSC: Posted 4/25/2021

PDL Update: Test Delay: Sex Hormone Binding Globulin: Posted 4/22/2022

PDL Update: 2022 Client Satisfaction Survey: Posted 4/21/2022

PDL Update: Troponin T, High Sensitivity (hs-TnT): Posted 4/20/2022

PDL Update: PDL COVID-19 Test Options Update: Posted 4/4/2022

PDL Update: Urine Toxicology Screen- Fentanyl Now Included: Posted 3/22/2022

PDL Update: Supply Backorder: Gold Top Vacutainer Tube: Posted 3/10/2022

PDL Update: Quantiferon-TB Gold Plus Collection Update: Posted 2/8/2022

PDL Update: ParaPak Vial Replaces ETM Vial: Posted 2/2/2022

PDL Pathology Brochure: Posted 12/20/2021

PDL Announcement: Christmas and New Year's Holiday Schedule: Posted 12/20/2021

Fall 2021 Newsletter: Posted 12/9/2021

PDL Update: New Respiratory Panel: Influenza A/B and RSV: Posted 12/2/2021

Announcement: Thanksgiving Day Schedule: Posted 11/9/2021

PDL Update: SARS-CoV-2 Spike Antibody: Posted 10/21/2021

PDL Update: Reporting Changes for CBC, Synovial, Body Fluid, CSF Differentials: Posted 9/20/2021

PDL Update: Urine Culture Reporting Changes: Posted 9/20/2021

PDL Update: MISC Test Request Update: Posted 9/15/2021

PDL Update: Urine Culture Transport Container: Posted 9/15/2021

PDL Update: New Morro Bay PSC Location: Posted 8/30/2021

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